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Olanola is the perfect platform to create your new blog. Unlike
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Olanola was built to help bloggers grow. We make promotion easy
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Drag and Drop CMS

Simple, Drag & Drop CMS

Olanola is a simple, easy to use content management systems. Over 100,000 people have already created their website on Olanola.

Easy to Customize Website

Any Design You Want

Olanola is fully customizable, so if you can dream of a design or template for your website, you can easily and quickly create it.

Fully Customizable Domain

Custom Domains

The customizability extends to your domain. Use any name you want for your site rather or a handy subdomain.

Easy to Share

Easy to Share

Share any or all of your content to Olanola whenever its posted or whenever you choose to other popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter and more.

Create Your Own Youtube

Video Websites

Olanola allows you to create your own Youtube. Proudly showcase your video content without using Youtube or Vimeo, unless you want to.

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